Teaching Faculty

The academic excellence of the Barcelona GSE rests on the talent, enthusiasm, and drive of our teaching and research faculty. A community of Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professors working on Economics, Finance, Data Science, and related areas is drawn from four top-flight academic units, offering students the possibility for regular, direct contact with leading instructors in their field.

Barcelona GSE professors are very approachable, sharing their ideas with our competitive and passionate pool of master's students. Many of our Affiliated Professors have been part of the Barcelona GSE since its foundation and have extensive experience teaching in our master programs.

In addition to this established academic community, Guest Professors are also invited from institutions and companies around the world to deliver engaging courses and lectures to challenge and inspire our students.

Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professors

  • 159 Affiliated Professors
  • 31 nationalities (51% from outside Spain)
  • 100% hold a PhD (80% from outside Spain)

Guest Professors

Academics and industry practitioners who are invited to teach in the Master's programs. They bring the right combination of scholarship, practical experience, and outside perspective to the classroom.

About Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professors

Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professors are all tenured or tenure-track faculty members from one of our academic units: 

From outside Spain, the universities with the most PhDs among affiliated professors are:

  • University of Minnesota (10)
  • European University Institute (7)
  • Harvard University (7)
  • London School of Economics (7)
  • University of Pennsylvania (7)
  • Northwestern University (6)
  • University of California, Davis (5)

Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professors are also members of prominent societies, organizations, and networks, including:

Besides their teaching role with the Barcelona GSE, our master's professors are also published in leading Economics publications and renowned journals in different discipline subfields, and serve as co-editors and associate editors for many of these journals. 

Many Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professors have received public recognition for both the volume and quality of their research. They are also highly sought after as consultants and advisors for governments, international organizations, financial institutions, and corporations.


List of teaching faculty by program

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List of teaching faculty by PhD program

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Barcelona GSE Working Papers


ForthcomingLuca Fornaro and Federica Romei

The Paradox of Global Thrift

American Economic Review
ForthcomingVladimir Asriyan, William Fuchs and Brett Green

Liquidity Sentiments

American Economic Review, 10.1257/aer.20180998
ForthcomingElisa Faraglia, Albert Marcet, Rigas Oikonomou and Andrew Scott

Government Debt Management: The Long and the Short of It

Review of Economic Studies, 10.1093/restud/rdy061