Geography, Trade, and Growth

The workshop will run for two days and will take place on June 8-9, 2020 in Barcelona.

This workshop focuses on the interplay between economic geography, trade in products and production factors, and their relationship to economic growth. We encourage submissions of theoretical and empirical papers addressing issues including:

  • The causes and consequences of the spatial distribution of economic activity.
  • The evolution of economic geography in response to globalization.
  • The interaction between trade, geography and growth.
  • The effect of technological change and trade on the global organization of production.
  • The political economy of trade, growth and spatial misallocation.

The workshop is proposed as a continuation of the workshop organized in 2017-19 under the same title, which counted with the participation of prominent scholars from all around the world, including Laura Alfaro (Harvard), Costas Arkolakis (Yale), Nathaniel Baum-Snow (Toronto), Donald Davis (Columbia), Edward Glaeser (Harvard), Jessie Handbury (Penn), Reka Juhasz (Columbia), Diego Puga (CEMFI) and Esteban Rossi-Hansberg (Princeton), among others.

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