Scientific Council

As part of our unwavering commitment to the highest academic standards, we established the Barcelona GSE Scientific Council to provide strategic guidance and to work with us to ensure the quality and performance of our academic programs and research activities.

The Scientific Council is chaired by Prof. Hugo Sonnenschein, President Emeritus of the University of Chicago. The Council is further composed of more than 30 leading academics – including 11 Nobel Laureates in Economics – who help to forge and enhance relationships between the Barcelona GSE and the wider academic community.

Members of the Scientific Council come to Barcelona periodically to analyze the educational activities, research initiatives, and institutional development of the Barcelona GSE.

Scientific Council news

21 out of 32 members of the Scientific Council participate in BGSE 10th Anniversary celebration

In memoriam: Kenneth J. Arrow (1921-2017)

Nobel prize in Economics 2016 awarded to Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmström

Members of the Barcelona GSE Scientific Council

In memoriam

  • photo

    James A. Mirrlees (1936-2018)

    University of Cambridge
    Nobel Laureate

  • photo

    Kenneth J. Arrow (1921-2017)

    Stanford University
    Nobel Laureate

  • Reinhard Selten

    Reinhard Selten (1930-2016)

    Universitat Bonn
    Nobel Laureate

  • photo

    Dale T. Mortensen (1939-2014)

    Northwestern University
    Nobel Laureate

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    Paul A. Samuelson (1915-2009)

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Nobel Laureate