PhD Programs

PhD programs in the Barcelona GSE research community 

Both GPEFM and IDEA are organized jointly with the Barcelona GSE. Many students in both programs are alumni of the Barcelona GSE master's programs.

Placement results for GPEFM and IDEA graduates

Launched in the early 1990s, both IDEA and GPEFM are leading PhD programs with established academic reputations and a track record of placements in Economics departments, central banks, and research institutions around the world.

Placements for recent GPEFM graduates include: Placements for recent IDEA graduates include:
  • Bank of Finland
  • Bocconi University (Italy)
  • Federal Reserve Board (USA)
  • George Washington University (USA)
  • International Monetary Fund (USA)
  • Inter-American Development Bank (USA)
  • McGill University (Canada)
  • Queen Mary University (UK)
  • University of Chicago Booth School of Business (USA)
  • University of Vienna (Austria)

See all placements on the GPEFM website

  • Banco de Santender, Spain
  • Bank of Canada
  • Goethe University Frankfurt (Germany)
  • McMaster University (Canada)
  • NERA Economic Consulting (Spain)
  • Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (China)
  • Trinity College, Dublin (Ireland)
  • University of Edinburgh (UK)
  • University of Southampton (UK)
  • USC Marshall School of Business (USA)

See all placements on the IDEA website

Research activities for students in both PhD programs

PhD Jamboree

The Barcelona GSE PhD Jamboree is an opportunity for students in both PhD programs in the Barcelona GSE community to show off their research, exchange ideas, and receive feedback on work in progress. The Jamboree is organized and led by GPEFM and IDEA students. 

The Jamboree's 2018 program included 22 papers by current students and two invited alumni speakers:  Maria Emilia Garcia-Appendini (UPF-GPEFM '07, University of Zurich) and Luca Paolo Merlino (UAB-IDEA '09, University of Antwerp).

Highlights from past editions:
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