Barcelona GSE Seed Grants support the scientific development of BGSE researchers, in particular the junior researchers among our Affiliated Professors.

Seed Grants finance specific activities, such as hiring a research assistant, obtaining a data set or running an experiment, that will lead to the initiation or completion of a specific project. Proposals that lay the foundation for future grant applications from other sources are particularly welcomed.

The next call for Barcelona GSE Seed Grant proposals will be announced in the fall.

Severo Ochoa Excellence Program
The Seed Grants are one of the Barcelona GSE research initiatives supported by the Severo Ochoa Research Excellence Accreditation.


Barcelona GSE Seed Grants 2016-17

Researcher BGSE Unit Project Title
Larbi Alaoui UPF Limited Reasoning, Internal Conflict and Endogenous Discounting
Ruben Durante UPF Independence and Quality of Mass Media in the Internet Age
Mircea Epure UPF Organizations and Culture: Governance Models and Performance Differences in Crisis
Javier Fernández-Blanco UAB Labor Markets and International Trade
Angela Fiedler UAB Biased Expectations and Skill Mismatch: An Experimental Study
Christian Fons-Rosen UPF Developing and Applying a Platform Tool for the Economics of Science
Luca Fornaro CREI Aggregate Demand Externalities in a Global Liquidity Trap
Manuel García-Santana UPF Public Sector Projects, Finance, and Aggregate Productivity: Evidence from Matched Bank-Firm-Procurement Data
Gianmarco León UPF Understanding the Teacher’s Labor Market
Joan Llull UAB The Labor Market Consequences of Selective Immigration Policies
Christian Michel UPF Assessing the Impact of Organizational and Financial Structure on Industry Behavior
Pau Milán  UAB Investigating Constraints on Informal Risk-sharing Theoretically and Empirically
Hannes Mueller IAE-CSIC Quantifying Diplomatic Action
Dávid Krisztián Nagy CREI Growth and Trade in a World of Cities
Luigi Pascali UPF Sentiment Analysis, Based on Book Titles and Book Content
Raül Santaeulàlia-Llopis UAB Social Insurance Barriers to Structural Transformation
Edouard Schaal CREI Optimal Transport Networks in Spatial Equilibrium