Anestis Papanikolaou

Principal Transport Modeller, Jacobs Urban Mobility

Originally from
Currently living in
United Kingdom

Anestis Papanikolaou (Data Science '15) is a Principal Transport consultant at Jacobs Engineering Group in London with a dual background in transport modelling (demand and supply side) and data science. His expertise lies in the intersection of the application of statistical and machine learning techniques in transport, traffic simulation and economics.

He has been involved in more than 30 European Research Projects and transport studies, with several publications in international scientific journals and conferences in transport. He is currently actively involved in the development of machine learning and data fusion techniques for transport mode detection by integrating mobile phone data and other traditional transportation data sources.

During the last 10 years, Anestis has conducted research at University College London, University of Leeds and has provided transportation advice to European Commission, European Investment Bank, Ministries, transport operators, private companies, and research institutes in UK, Spain, Cyprus and Greece.