Data Science Community

The Data Science Community includes:

  • Academics who carry out research in Statistics, Machine Learning and the social sciences
  • Machine Learning researchers from the industry
  • Practitioners from the data science and analytics industry


faculty David Rossell
UPF and Barcelona GSE
Applied Statistics, High-dimensional Statistics, Experimental Design, Bioinformatics, Bayesian Statistics

Area Directors

faculty Alexandros Karatzoglou
Senior Researcher, Google Research
Applied Statistics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Recommender Systems
instructor Stephen E. Hansen
Associate Professor of Economics, Imperial College Business School
Organizational Economics, Monetary Policy, Machine Learning
alumni Gaston Besanson
Data Science Manager, Accenture Applied Intelligence
Health Analytics, Blockchain, Internet of Things

Joan Verdú
Head of Consulting and Knowledge Transfer
Barcelona GSE Data Science Center

Members and collaborators

Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professors

faculty Elisa Alòs
UPF and Barcelona GSE
Mathematical Finance, Malliavin Calculus, Fractional Brownian Motion
faculty Jose Apesteguia
ICREA-UPF and Barcelona GSE
Decision Making, Game Theory, Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics
faculty Christian Brownlees
UPF and Barcelona GSE
Time Series, Network Analysis
faculty Christian Fons-Rosen
UPF and Barcelona GSE
Applied Microeconomics, Innovation, Political Economy, Corporate Finance
faculty José García-Montalvo
UPF and Barcelona GSE
Applied Economics, Banking, Property Markets, Institutions
faculty Michael Greenacre
UPF and Barcelona GSE
Applied Statistics, Multivariate Analysis, Correspondence Analysis
faculty Gábor Lugosi
ICREA-UPF and Barcelona GSE
Theory of Machine Learning, Combinatorial Statistics, Online Learning and Prediction, Random Graphs and Structures, Concentration Inequalities
faculty Christian Michel
UPF and Barcelona GSE
Empirical Industrial Organization, Behavioral Economics, Organizational Economics, Antitrust Economics
portrait Hannes Mueller
IAE-CSIC and Barcelona GSE
Political Economy, Development Economics, Conflict Studies
faculty Eulàlia Nualart
UPF and Barcelona GSE
Stochastic Analysis, Malliavin Calculus and applications to Finance
 faculty Albert Satorra
UPF and Barcelona GSE
Multivariate Analysis, Structural Equation Models, Small Area Estimation, Applied Statistics
faculty Frederic Udina
UPF and Barcelona GSE
Applied statistics, Non-parametric Curve Estimation, Computational Statistics and Probabilities, Public and official statistics
 faculty Piotr Zwiernik
UPF and Barcelona GSE
Graphical Models, Latent Tree Models, Algebraic Statistics, Combinatorics

Collaborators from academia and industry

faculty Pau Agulló
Managing Director, Kernel Analytics
faculty Majid Al-Sadoon
Associate Professor in Economics, Durham University
faculty Ioannis Arapakis
Research Scientist, Telefónica Research
faculty Argimiro Arratia
Professor of Computer Science, UPC
faculty Guglielmo Bartolozzi
Data Scientist, Kernel Analytics
faculty Matthew Eric Bassett
Executive Director, Gower Street Analytics
researcher Sílvia Majó-Vázquez
Post-doctoral Researcher, Reuters Institute (University of Oxford)
faculty Joan de Martí
Adjunct Professor of Economics, UPF
instructor Ilias Leontiadis
Research Associate, Telefónica Research
photo Ioannis Kosmidis
Senior Lecturer, UCL
faculty Mihalis Markakis
Assistant Professor of Production, Technology and Operations Management, IESE
Gergely Neu Gergely Neu
Post-doctoral Researcher, UPF
faculty Marc Noy
Professor of Applied Mathematics, UPC
faculty Jordi Quoidbach
Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior, ESADE
Carlos Segura Carlos Segura
Researcher, Telefónica Research
faculty Hrvoje Stojic
Visiting Researcher, UCL
instructor Tim Stumpf-Fetizon
Data Scientist, Telefónica Innovation

External Communications

Nandan RaoNandan Rao
Barcelona GSE Master's in Data Science '17

Post-doctoral researchers
portrait Jack Jewson
PhD, University of Warwick
portrait Ciara Pike-Burke
PhD, Lancaster University
portrait Nanwei Wang
PhD, York University

Visitors Calendar

Liz Schroeder Oregon State University Terms 1-2 within academic year 2019-20
Past visitors

Visitors 2018-19

Jack Carter University of Warwick April-May 2019
Sílvia Majó Oxford Reuters Institute for Investigative Journalism May 2019
Jim Smith University of Warwick May 2019
Sascha Timme TU Berlin May 2019
Yuhao Wang MIT May 2019
Carlos Carvalho University of Texas at Austin June 2019
Steffen Lauritzen University of Copenhagen, Denmark January 2019
Andreas Maurer   November 2018
Shahar Mendelson Technion, Israel January 2019

Visitors 2017-18

Luc Devroye McGill University, Canada September 2017
Laszlo Gyorfi Technical University of Budapest, Hungary September 2017
Shahar Mendelson Technion, Israel September 2017
Abbas Mehrabian McGill University, Canada July 2018
Andreas Maurer   December 2017
Nikita Zhivotovskiy Skoltech, Russia September 2017

Visitors 2016-17

Bernd Funovits University of Helsinki, Finland August 2017
Alejandra Avalos Pacheco OxWaSP, UK June 2017
Divikar Kumar OxWaSP, UK June 2017
Kayvan Sadeghi University of Cambridge, UK March 2017
Thorsten Rheinlander Vienna Institute of Technology, Austria February 2017
Dalila Ribaudo Pavia/Italy January 2017
Rui Castro TU Eindhoven/Netherlands January 2017
Shahar Mendelson Technion, Israel/ANU, Australia January 2017
Steffen Lauritzen University of Copenhagen, Denmark January 2017
Caroline Uhler Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA January 2017
Varun Jog University of Wisconsin, USA December 2016
Masaaki Fukasawa Osaka University, Japan September 2016

Previous years

Nicolò Cesa-Bianchi Milan April 2016
Shahar Mendelson Technion and ANU April 2016
Nicolas Chopin ENSAE, France March 2016
Thorsten Rheinlander Vienna Institute of Technology, Austria February 2016
Anna Ben-Hamou University Paris-Diderot, France January 2016
Steffen Lauritzen University of Copenhagen, Denmark January 2016
Caroline Uhler Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA January 2016
Roberto Imbuzeiro Oliveira IMPA, Brazil December 2015 – January 2016
Neil Walton University of Manchester, UK November 2015
Ioannis Kosmidis University College London, UK November 2015
Tongliang Liu University of Technology, Sydney, Australia October 2015 – March 2016
Gareth Roberts University of Warwick, UK October 2015
Rasmus Waagepetersens University of Copenhagen, Denmark October 2015
Nicolas Chopin CREST, France March 2015
Remi Piatek University of Copenhagen, Denmark March 2015
Sergios Agapiou Warwick University, UK November 2014
Sylvia Frühwirth-Schnatter Vienna University, Austria May 2015
Aleksandar Mijatović Imperial College, UK January 2014
Matteo Barigozzi London School of Economics, UK September 2013
Nicolas Chopin CREST, France May 2013
Sergios Agapiou Warwick University, UK March 2013
Flavio Gonçalves Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil February 2013
Matteo Ruggiero Collegio Carlo Alberto, Italy December 2012
Gergely Neu Budapest University of Technology, Hungary November 2012
PhD Students
  • Jordi Llorens
  • Julia Olkhovskaya
  • Dmitrii Tikhonenko
  • Miquel Torrens
  • Vasiliki Velona

Visitor Program

The Center has a visitor program and provides mentoring to PhD students. An application indicating the purpose of the visit and desired length of stay should be sent to David Rossell.